Terms and conditions

  1. By using this site and adding content you are agreeing that:
    • you are the owner of the content or have permission from the owner to upload their content to the site
    • your content can be used by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC) in their work and can be shared by CPERC with others for the purposes of informing nature conservation, planning and scientific research
  2. Data collected through the site will be stored securely at the Biological Records Centre.
  3. Data collected on the site will appear in the iRecord data pool and will be verified by experts on iRecord. To make sure your account on our recording pages links up with your iRecord account (if you already have one) please make sure you register using the same email address (this will enable synchronisation).
  4. CPERC uploads a proportion of its data to the NBN Atlas for use by others with certain restrictions. By using this site you agreeing that your data can be passed on to the NBN Atlas. Once verified records have been made available to the NBN, their use will be governed by the NBN Atlas Terms and Conditions, e.g. use of the data for commercial purposes will not be allowed without written permission from the organisation administering the dataset. 
  5. Please aim to avoid duplication by not submitting records here that you have submitted elsewhere (unless you think these will not get passed on to CPERC by another route).
  6. You may view wildlife records submitted to this website by other users, but you may not store them, republish them, exploit them for commercial or academic research purposes, or pass them on to any third party.
  7. Your contact details (email) will be held in a secure database at the Biological Records Centre and by CPERC and will only be used to contact you if there is a query about your wildlife observations.
  8. Your contact details will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission.
  9. Your name will be stored as part of the record and will be shared with others for the purposes of verification. For more information on how CPERC uses and shares records please see CPERC's data access and use policy, available at www.cperc.org.uk/submit-records
  10. To record sensitive species, please use the 'submit a sighting' form and make use of ability to blur records to a given resolution.
  11. Please avoid submitting records unless you are certain of the identification. If you do submit records with photos and you are uncertain about the identification of the species, please state this in the comments.
  12. If you have large amounts of records to submit already stored in a digital format please submit them directly to CPERC via email, using data@cperc.org.uk